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I plan to post regular updates about the development of the game here.
What would you like me to write about? Discuss below 🙂

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  1. I tried the demo. I saw your post in Facebook and downloaded it. It was somewhat laggy. That is a acceptable since i am from a distance country. Anyway,I like how the player character react to the enemy hits. however If you are sourrounded by goblins, you cannot attack. i had to run back and forth to attack them. That is not such a enjoyable combat experience. Good luck.

    • Thanks for taking your time to test the game Pasan.
      Yes the server is in Germany – I plan to eventually have servers in the US and perhaps also in Asia, if there is enough interest.
      When you say that you cannot attack I suppose you’re talking about getting stun-locked? This is somewhat intentional, but at the same time there are some issues I want to deal with. First the goblins are able to stand in one location – I’m working right now on a solution for this. Second there might be too many goblins, and they respawn immediately – I don’t want this game to be quite as spammy as many other action RPGs. In other words expect fewer, but harder opponents. And they’re not supposed to respawn immediately either:) Lastly perhaps I should think about not letting a player get continually stun-locked. Although perhaps “realistic” it’s probably not a good idea to take away all agency from a player. And perhaps the last part of an attack should be uninterruptible.

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