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  1. Is there a discord for this game? I think it would be great for you to create one for players to discuss the game and meet one another there.

  2. Glad you replied so quickly 🙂 I personally don’t have much experience with setting up a discord server, but would be happy to get involved with you if you want some help with it. I’ve just been playing the game today and got up to level 31 and have been enjoying the game. I really like the realism of the fantasy / medieval and the graphics and nice, yet not too much for my laptop to handle and not pointlessly flashy like some mmos. As you can probably appreciate, the new player is thrown straight into it not really knowing what keys do what. Didn’t take long for me to figure it out, but might be worth working on. I’d really like to get involved with the project and helping develop your ideas. I think a discord would be great for allowing us to connect together. So far my experience of the game has been really positive.

    • Hi Zedrendor – you have my attention seeing how you achieved a higher level in my game than I have done myself without cheating:) Did you level on skeletons? (Or Rosalind? hehe )
      Thanks for the comments – I realize I need a screen to show controls since I can’t assume everybody has played Diablo. I also need them to be configurable by the player.
      Could I ask you how you found the game? I’m guessing either directly on itch or on Twitter since I participated in #pitchyagame. Didn’t attract much attention though – I need more videos and gifs I suppose.

      • I found it on I really like that website for finding small indie multiplayer games and my laptop typically cannot run some of the bigger AAA studio type games. Maybe we can arrange a time to be in game together to talk things through / have a conversation on discord?

        • Thanks 🙂 Can I reach you on the email you used to create your in-game account?

  3. I want to get into this game but will we be able to keep our chars, progress, gold, etc, as it moves between phases, alpha, beta, and full release? Also, please consider getting a discord channel for this game, much easier to use and not hard to set up.

    • Thanks for trying it out:) Yeah it’s time to make a Discord soon – I have to approve all posters in here or I’ll get swamped with porn and CBD ads…
      I think there will probably be times during development where things change so much that old characters become incompatible with the new content, but if there’s enough interest I’ll do my very best to try to migrate as much as possible.

  4. Great Idle- I love playing these during down time camping etc. It’s fun to leave something running when I’m stuck literally anywhere. Thanks!

    • You might be thinking of another game?

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